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Click here to read/ download boarding contract

Click here to read / download health update /Medication information signed every visit

All customers are required to complete a boarding agreement which we hold on file, and a health update each time to ensure we are aware of any problems your dog may have .. Click above to read this agreement or you can print it off to save time when checking in !!


Wash your hands before leaving home 

Please do paper work first - bring your completed form - Boarding contract signed every time - download from here 

And your vaccination card to be checked 

Any food can be brought in and left on the silver chest at the back of the office

 When asked to fetch your dog-

u Please come in via the small gate and wait by the gate

u You can either:-

u A)  Loose your dog off for staff to catch and lead up.

u B)  Use the hook outside office to tether your  dog, staff will  lead up the dog, leaving your  lead on the hook, please take this home with you

Staff will Take dog down as normal

u Please  phone before you set out to collect so that you can pay over the phone.

Process will be repeated in reverse 

The office is set up with hand gel and screen protection if needed 


If you or any members of your household are self isolating,  or you or anyone in your household showing Covid-19 symptoms – please do not come.


Thank you for helping everyone to keep safe. WASH HANDS BEFORE LEAVING AND WHEN  RETURNING HOME

Only fully vaccinated dogs are accepted for boarding , and a current vaccination certificate must be produced when booking in , or we will not be able to accept them.
We will ask for details of last worming and flea treatment to be in line with DEFRA guidelines . However there is no requirement for them to be up to date with these . The form also asks for Microchip number and Insurance details ,and an emergency contact person -name, number , address and email address please bring these details with you. These are the DEFRA requirements .

We are happy to do medications for dogs , but suggest you discuss any health issues with your vet prior to boarding , as being in kennels can have a large effect on some medical conditions - eg Diabetes, Liver or Kidney problems and epilepsy , and may alter their medication rquirements .

We accept ANY BREED OF DOG for boarding and charge the same for ALL BREEDS.

We have a block dedicated to boarding Greyhounds as they are sometimes not used to seeing other breeds, always mention you have a greyhound when making a booking.

All the kennels are suitable  for large breeds with lots of space and a large hatch.

Sharing dogs must get on, we reserve the right to split them up if they show aggression to each other, and kennel them separately if we deem necessary, at extra cost.

Vaccination against Parvo Virus, Leptospirosis, Hepatitis, and Distemper is essential.

We do not insist on Kennel Cough Vaccine , but strongly recommend it and suggest you discuss this with your vet, who will advise you what is best for your dog.But remember if your dog is coughing the day you bring it in for boarding and we think it has kennel cough - it won't be staying!!

The reason I don't insist on Kennel Cough is because even with Kennel Cough protection dogs can still contract it . It is not a fatal disease . We are very tight on cross infection control and since opening in 2007 have had no issues with kennel Cough . Some dogs are too traumatised with the experience of this method of application up their nose and cannot tolerate it - we cater for those dogs -  too nervous, too aggressive , too upset . It is for that reason we don't insist on  but recommend it.

The majority of our boarders are covered for kennel cough but we are happy to cater for the few that cannot be .

This decision has been made after lengthy discussions with our Vet. 

If you choose not to protect your dog against Kennel Cough, it is at your risk and we will not be responsible for Kennel Cough or related illnesses.

We will not accept an ill dog for boarding(eg one that is coughing!) or a dog that has been boarded elsewhere in the past  two weeks- due to incubation of infection.

We carefully monitor your dog's health whilst in our care and will call a vet if concerned Clent Hills is our on call vet and give us 24/7 cover and advice.This cost will be added to your bill unless we are at fault and then we will cover the cost
We take non-refundable deposits for all bookings, if you give us more than 4 weeks notice of cancellation and we fill your booking we may be able to transfer your eposit for future use. 
If you plan for some one else to collect your dog, please give them a letter of authorisation for us to release your dog to them or a password and please  settle bill when dropping off your dog.

We provide clean fleece bedding for your dog, which we wash on a regular basis.We do not  take your bedding as it can easily get lost ,with the high volume of washing we have here at the kennels.We provide plenty of fresh clean bedding of our own. If you do choose to leave bedding it will get mixed up with our enormous amount of washing and it is very unlikely to be returned to you .
We do our best to return your dog's toys  


All fees are due on collection of your dog.

We accept payment by cash or debit card   we do not take cheques or credit cards
We don't charge for taking debit cards
On cross over days at busy times , we may pop your dog into a holding kennel until collection, they are not in there for long and it is as comfy as a normal kennel. This is so we can keep our stringent cleaning and disinfecting processes in place .

Click here to visit Clent Hills Veterinary Group Website

Your dog will jump at the chance to stay with us!

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