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 Boarding Contract for Meadowcroft KennelsOwner- Ele Rea    
                                                                                               email address-


 Dog’s Name-                         Microchip Number - 
Insurance Company and Policy Number -
 ***Owners of more than one dog only-I agree to let my dogs share a kennel   and that they will be split up, at my expense, if deemed necessary by the kennel staff  YES /  NO
***I am happy for my dog to go out in the paddock for exercise – YES / NO
***I know the opening times of the kennel- YES / NO
***My dog is insured  -YES  /  NO
***If veterinary attention is deemed necessary who do you wish to be contacted? PLEASE TICK ONLY ONE OPTION
In emergencies the animal’s welfare will take priority
Conditions of Acceptance-
1.    All dogs must have been inoculated against Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis and other relevant diseases. The course of vaccinations must have been completed at least 4 weeks prior to boarding, or in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.- certificate to be produced.
2.    Vaccination for Kennel Cough is strongly recommended especially during busy periods, but is at owner’s discretion and risk if not vaccinated
3.     Whilst every possible care is taken of each animal boarded we cannot be held responsible for loss either from illness or other cause
4.    Clent Hills Vets  will be called if necessary .at owner’s cost , unless it is due to kennel negligence. This must be settled on collection of your pet. By special written prior  arrangement we may use your veterinary practice for continued care, whilst the dog/s is boarded
5.    Animals accepted and collected during business hours only,
6.    Boarding fees due on collection for full booking duration.
7.    Any toys are left at owners’ risk, we cannot guarantee to return them
8.    No dog will be released to a third party without a letter of authorisation or a password., they must settle the outstanding charges before release of the dog.
9.    Kennels are charged per day – on bookings of 4 days or more there is no charge for the day if collected before 10-30 am
10. All dogs must have been in good health for 14 days prior to boarding and not be under veterinary care- written information must be provided of any veterinary treatment every time the dog is boarded.
11. Written details of any special diets, allergies , injuries or ailments must accompany the animal on every boarding
12. Pictures of the dog/s may be taken and used on Facebook and promotional material.Please indicate if you do not wish this to happen.
I agree to board my dog/s under the above conditions.
 I also agree that if the animal is not collected within 14 days of the stated departure date,and no communication has been received from myself or my agent, then I authorise the kennel owner to classify the animal as abandoned and deal with it accordingly.    
I consent for my vet to give information to Meadowcroft Kennels regarding my dog/s health   ****Name of Veterinary Practice- 
 I have read and understood these conditions, and certify the accuracy of them
I consent to the personal information I have supplied to the kennels being stored in filing cabinet and on a password protected booking system . Card information is not stored . No information will be passed to Third parties .
Signed –
*****Emergency Contact Name , Number  ,Address and email address