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Ele lets Frankie her puppy play with Archie
Archie the baby Spinone makes a new friend

click here to view Frankie and Hattie in the paddock

I live on site and am hands on with all the dogs, I open up their hatches each day at 8 am and they have free access all day until I put each one to bed with a biscuit and a cuddle in the evening.
Breakfast at 9am
During the morning- A play and romp in one of the tthree large grass paddocks.
Tea between 2 and 3 pm,
Chill in the evening before bed , there are three heaters  in each block,on in the winter  at no extra cost, so all the dogs are kept warm.
All the staff regularly pass through the kennels to speak to each dog, check their water, and clean up in the runs.
The paddocks are secure with 6 foot fencing, the dogs aren't left alone in there , but are supervised by a member of staff, who clean up straight away so the area stays clean. There are plenty of toys to entertain the dogs and the staff platy with them so they have plenty of exercise.
If you feel you would like to go out for more than one exercise a day this can be arranged.
All dogs get one good exercise included in the boarding fee.
ONE extra 'out' is charged at £4-00 per kennel,   TWO  extra 'outs' would cost £6-00 in total .

These can be arranged daily, weekly or however you wish., please discuss with us when booking or bringing your dog in.

Two huge Newfoundlands had plenty of room

All  the dogs get plenty of attention during the day.
We provide a variety of foods or can feed your own if you choose.
If you bring your own please label it and portion it so that we know that we are feeding what you normally do . NO BREAKABLE MEASURES PLEASE !! 

I am sure many of you will view other kennels before coming to view us,
 here are some things to consider and questions to ask-
Security of the paddocks.
Do the hatches come down at night- are they on a pulley
Are all the hatches large enough for your dog to fit through
What type of heating is there- if under floor , how much of the floor is heated (it may be only an A4 square in the corner!)
How many kennels are there.
How many staff are there
How many times do they go out- do the maths in your head - is it possible
How long is a walk- it could be very short , just long enough to pee.
If there are vacancies in the busy times - ask why
Are the kennels opposite each other - this can intimidate a nervous dog
Listen when you pull up - How much barking is there
Where is the isolation unit for a sick dog to go - is it a distance from the kennel block
Is there plenty of natural light in the kennels
Is there air circulation, how cool do they feel.
Are the runs covered

We are happy to shake hands with a Rottweiler
Kelly plays with Snoopy in the paddock

Don our handsome black boy
he loves a run in the paddock

I had boarded with Ele and the girls before with my mate Finn, and we really like it at the kennels. This time was different as my eye was a bit sore, I hadn't mentioned it to my mum as she was going on holiday.
But on the 2nd day there, Beccy was cleaning my eye and it hurt, she got Ele to have a look, and she said I had an ulcer.
Well I was down that vets before you could know - we didn't even have an appointment!
Fergus had a look in my eye and he looked ever so worried, apparently my eye was really bad there was a breakdown under the ulcer.He took some blood and spun the serum out so that Ele could put it into my eye, and then got two other bottles of eye drops , some ointmentand 2 lots of tablets.
He drew a very complicated chart and said they had to be done every 4 hours all through the night. Ele nearly dropped me there and then, 'every 4 hours!!?'
Then Fergus really scared me by saying if there no improvement in  the next few days they would have to remove my eye.
I didn't relish the thought of being woken up by Ele all through the night but decided I had better behave or I might go half blind.
So I went into Ele's house every evening and watched tele, and then settled down for the night in a lovely bed in the hall, it was quite annoying to be disturbed so often though!!
There were 5 more dogs in the house so it was very sociable to visit every evening.
Any way back at the vets they were sooooo pleased with my eye they said I did not need to have it removed after all, boy was I relieved.
So was my mum, as Ele had rung her and told her all about my problems.
Ele and the girls carried on with all the treatment for another week and a half until I went home- Ele seemed to have dark circles under her eyes which I had not noticed before , don't know why that was..........??
My mum and dad were so pleased to see me and brought Ele and the girls wine and biscuits and flowers and money, I don't why they did that after all they had had the pleasure of my company for 2 weeks.
Me and Finn have been back since but I have to sleep in the kennel now like all the others, it was fun being treated like royalty.
So if any of you dogs are worried about going into kennels - don't be , they are all so nice at Meadowcroft the time flies by.
written by Jinski Beasely - translated by ele
Fergus the vet said-' I am really impressed with the level of care and committment from the staff at Meadowcroft Kennels, it was a big task all the treatment forJinski, we offered to keep in at the vets here, but Ele felt he would be happpier with Finn at the kennels.
I happily recommend my clients to them'
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Jinski with two 'i's !!! Edit Picture

food storage- frozen and dried


puppies help us do the paperwork

posing in the paddock

kennel kitchen

These two loved their groovy walls!

Light and airy inside to kennel blocks

16 acres to walk in

Booking in- remember your vaccination card!!

Digger and Cracker tuck in to their tea

These 4 are such fun in the paddock
Ellie Meg Mia and Abby

Rolo says - give us a kiss!!
Rolo does agility is very good!!